Work packages overview

WP1-WP3 deal with the management of the project and the dissemination and evaluation of the results.

WP4-WP8 are the core WPs.

WP4 collects of information on the initiatives undertaken by EU MSs on rare diseases. A dedicated survey is aimed at gathering examples of different MSs experiences and lessons learned allowing the sharing of information among Member States.

WP5 develops indicators for monitoring the implementation and for evaluating the impact of National Plans or Strategies for rare diseases.

WP6 analyses case studies to identify relevant experiences.

WP7 develops the content of the EUROPLAN recommendations including a methodological guidance to design comprehensive and integrated strategies for guiding and structuring all relevant actions in the field of rare diseases.

WP8 deals with the organisation of National Conferences where national stakeholders are convened to discuss the EUROPLAN Recommendations Document within the specific national context.