EUROPLAN 2012-2015

EUROPLAN 2012-2015

is built to provide technical support for developing and implementing national plans/strategies (NP/NS) on Rare Diseases (RD) in EU Member States, EFTA/EEA and non-EU countries. Integrated, comprehensive, long-term strategy will be proposed in the framework of principles and guidelines of the key policy documents.


To provide support for the establishment of national plans and strategies for rare Diseases at member state level

  • To establish an interactive rare diseases policy makers public health network: the network will provide technical assistance and capacity building skills to policy makers in charge of developing a NP/NS. Participants will be supported methodologically and technically. A website will be implemented for sharing and disseminate experiences and documents, and activities will be organised to share and exploit experiences, strengthen interactions, provide new skills in developing public health strategies and plans.

  • To produce a complete, coherent and feasible operational proposal for NP/NS: trough public health networking and sharing experiences, every participant will contribute to produce a operational proposal for NP/NS, according to specific country features (size, GNP, health care system), selecting EUROPLAN indicators for future data collection, and identifying strengths and critical aspects in developing public health strategies and plans.

  • To support EURORDIS National Conferences: EURORDIS identifies and organises National Conferences (NC) to support the process of elaboration of NP/NS and assess the transferability of EU policy documents in countries that did not organise a EUROPLAN NC and countries that did it but need to sustain the process.